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As the name implies, Budapest Tumblers originated in Budapest Hungary.  They are bred to a strict Standard, and  come in many colors, including white, yellow , red, dun, black, blue, silver,  and in a variety of patterns such as stork marked,checkered, barred, flights, grizzled and pied marked as in the Gansels.

They may have dark beaks and eye ceres, or light beaks and eye ceres depending on the color. Since their beaks are so short, they usually require foster parents as substitute feeders, or hand feeding to raise their young. They are lively little birds and usually only weigh about four to six ounces. They have large frog-like eyes, and square bumpy heads. To know them is to love them

In my Loft you will find pigeons from different breeders:
Short Face Budapest

  • Manfred Hack - Germany
  • Horst Wazinski - Germany
  • Rudy Ottenhoff  - Nederlands
  • Eugeniusz Stachowski - Poland
  • Michael Seiler USA

Polish owls and Polish szeks

  • Mirek Mialkowski - Poland
  • Piotrek Plichta - Polska



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